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Maine Hits is a local baseball and softball indoor instructional facility.

We offer batting instruction, pitching, throwing, and fielding instruction for all ages and skill levels. Offering private, semi-private or team lessons, our instructors are former professional baseball and softball players who love kids and love ball…

Come see what a difference we can make in your child’s confidence!

What Will The Ball Player Learn?

Hitting: Stance, pre-pitch movement, swing approach, rotation, contact, follow-through, inside pitch and opposite field approach, increasing bat speed, and situational approach.
Pitching: Balance, direction, arm action, delivery, follow-through, velocity, location, pitch movement, pitch types, situations, mental approach.
Catching: Stance, balance, receiving, throwing, blocking, tag plays, pop-ups, bunts, calling a game, situations.
Infield: Pre-pitch movement, fielding approach, set-up, forehand, backhand, double plays, slow rollers, relays, and situations.
Outfield: Pre-pitch movement, ground balls, fly balls, crow hop, angles, momentum, relays, communication, and situations.

Half Hour Lesson $50.00
One Hour Lesson $90.00
Six – Half Hour Lessons $270.00
Six – Half Hour Lessons for Members $240.00

For a list of instructors that use Maine Hits check the Instruction menu. 

To book a lesson

Call Maine Hits  207-730-7227