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  Training Session start on Sept 10, 2012.

OA Performance Center/Parisi Speed School is back at Maine Hits!

Starting in September classes will begin and go throughout the fall and winter time to develop foundational strength, power, speed, and injury prevention. Now that it is the offseason (for most baseball and softball players), the time couldn’t be better to start working on your overall athleticism to prepare for the next season.

Classes will be run again by Coach  one hour long, including a proper warm-up, main focus of the day, and various drills and activities to build strength and speed skills.

 First Program:

September 10th – October 3rd

Mondays and Wednesdays


 Cost: $120 for the 4 week program, 2 days per week

Call 730-7227 or email info@mainehits.com to sign up. Classes size is limited

 Get ready to be challenged as an athlete, learn about what it takes to prepare for the season properly, and have fun because that’s what it’s all about!

See what baseball and softball strength training is all about.