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Lady Mavericks Clinics

These are free clinics for all Lady Mavericks Players Registration is required


Catching Clinic Time
12-Nov-17  9am-10am
26-Nov-17  9am-10am
10-Dec-17  9am-10am
7-Jan-18  9am-10am
21-Jan-18  9am-10am
4-Feb-18  9am-10am
18-Feb-18  9am-10am
4-Mar-18  9am-10am
25-Mar-18  9am-10am
Pitchers Spin Class Time
5-Nov-17 9:30am-10am
19-Nov-17 9:30am-10am
3-Dec-17 9:30am-10am
17-Dec-17 9:30am-10am
Slap/Bunt Clinic Time
13-Nov-17 7pm-8pm
20-Nov-17 7pm-8pm
27-Nov-17 7pm-8pm
Dates and Time subject to change


Strength and Conditioning  Time
3-Dec-17 3pm-4:30pm
10-Dec-17 3pm-4:30pm
17-Dec-17 3pm-4:30pm
7-Jan-18 3pm-4:30pm
14-Jan-18 3pm-4:30pm
21-Jan-18 3pm-4:30pm
28-Jan-18 3pm-4:30pm
4-Feb-18 3pm-4:30pm
11-Feb-18 3pm-4:30pm
18-Feb-18 3pm-4:30pm
25-Feb-18 3pm-4:30pm
4-Mar-18 3pm-4:30pm
11-Mar-18 3pm-4:30pm
18-Mar-18 3pm-4:30pm
25-Mar-18 3pm-4:30pm
Dates and Time subject to change