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Maine Hits is the perfect place to host a birthday party for your baseball or softball player. Contact us today to schedule your next birthday party!

HitTrax Birthday Party

Package Includes:

  • One hour use of HitTrax game system.
  • Birthday Cake
  • 2 Large Pizzas*
  • Soda or Juice
  • Paper Goods

*$10 for each additional pizza

Activities Available:

HitTrax Entertainment is at Maine Hits.


The “Wow” Factor
Experience the excitement and realism of the outdoor game.


HitTrax brings true entertainment value to Maine Hits as players can now see if that deep line drive reached the seats. Transform our batting cages into an immersive entertainment hub, comparable to the latest game console.

The HitTrax gaming module calls balls & strikes, turns rally-killing double plays and scores the winning run on a sacrifice fly. Organize hitting leagues, one-day tournaments & home run derbys at Maine Hits

We’ll make your next birthday celebration a home run!

$275.00 for 10 kids

$10 for each additional child