Maine Hits 16U Gold ends its fall season with a record of 7-10-4 after participating at the 18U level.

Four regular batters hit .400 or better throughout 21 games. Caitlin Noiles leads the team with a .618 average, followed by Emma Burnham, AJ Swett, and Katie Roy, who each batted .400. As a team the Mainers collected 138 hits, with 105 singles, 24 doubles, six triples, and three home runs. They knocked in 77 RBI and crossed the plate 92 times.

On the other side of the ball, the Mainers pitching was consistent throughout the fall. Burnham leads the team with 30 innings pitched, facing 158 batters allowing 26 hits and 21 walks while striking out 36. Charlie Chute and Raylee Gilbert each hurled 26.1 innings. Chute faced 148 batters, allowing 34 hits and 25 walks while striking out 23. Gilbert faced 128 batters, allowing 29 hits and 19 walks while striking out 15.