SCARBOROUGH, MAINE- In her first season as head coach, Maine Hits owner Danica Gleason posted a record of 22-10-1, leading her team to one semi-final match, three championship games and two tournament titles.

As a team, Maine hits lady mavericks hit a solid .348 collecting 167 RBI with 47 doubles, 12 triples, and one home run. Among the top hitters were Ella Barden and Raylee Gilbert with nearly identical statistics. Both Barden and Gilbert hit an outstanding .467 with nine doubles and three triples. Barden blasted the teams lone home run and knocked in 31 RBI while Gilbert batted in 32 runners herself.

Keeping their errors to a minimum the mavericks staked a .899 fielding percentage throughout the season with 568 putouts in 865 total chances including seven double plays. Scrappy Hutchins and Maisie Lerette were tied for the team-high fielding percentage of .959. Hutchins and Lerette each allowed only eight errors in 195 total chances.

In the circle, Charlee Chute hurled a total of 102.2 innings. She held a remarkable 2.045 ERA throughout the season with 99 strikeouts staking an impressive 14-6 record.

When asked about her first season Coach Gleason had a lot of insight on top players and what the future may hold for her team and the Maine Hits organization.

“We had a summer full of growth and learning. We played our very best in the last game of the season. It was awesome to see the team grow together and play with confidence. Our key players offensively were Ella Barden, Raylee Gilbert, and Kaci Mollison. Combined they were responsible for almost half of our hits and RBI’s. Charlee Chute, Maisie Lerette and Scrappy Hutchins were our key defensive players. Chute kept us in every game holding a very impressive 2.045 ERA on the mound with the perfect combination of Hutchin’s fearful arm behind the plate. Larette leads the infield with her solid defense at first base. Ultimately this season got me looking forward to developing an entire organization not just one team.”

UMaine star Laurine German also played a big part in the success of Danica’s team.

“It was a pleasure to meet and work with the Maine Hits 14U Lady Mavericks this past summer. Their passion, love and work ethic made for a fun and successful season. They found lessons in losses and used those throughout the summer to become better athletes and people. I got to work with the outfielders, and their growth alone was so rewarding to see. Kaci Mollison, Jordan, Hayle and Leah Knight were outstanding outfielders. Their positive energy and eagerness to learn brought them continuous improvement. After receiving individualized outfield work, the girls realized how crucial their roles as outfielders were for the team’s success. Once they realized the importance of their roles, they were able to flourish”